Thursday, June 4, 2015

Did Home Free just release 2 new videos?

Hi faithful followers and newcomers! A new video by Home Free or is that two? These guys never cease to amaze me. They have released ten videos in 2015 and each video has been better, in its own way, than the one before. Their videos, to date, have featured an adorable teddy bear, concert footage, amazing vocals and arrangements, foot stomping and seat wiggling beats, tears of joy and even Home Free Lego dudes! Wow, how the hell do you beat all that?

Well, this is how. Home Free and FifGen have put together a video that includes serene country side scenery and a perfectly sung medley of Wagon Wheel and Song of the South. It starts off on an empty railroad track cast in a beautiful country setting. Moving back and forth from flat country lightly covered in snow to a dry summer backdrop. And, of course, that south bound train hustling past behind Home Free as they sing. And boy, do these five talented and cute guys know how to sing a country story, a cappella style. But, here is the best part. As they incorporate Song of the South into the medley, they add a quaint home town bar with live music, which of course, is Home Free. This charming bar is filled with patrons, who are actually Home Fries! That’s right, the dedicated and certainly excited Home Free fans were given the opportunity to partake in the filming of this video! Awesome job Fries!

Then, after a short teasing countdown, they made a big announcement and released a second new video. And this video is not only filled with a great day of summer fun with family and friends, but it’s a new song! “Summer in the Country,” has a fun small town beat and makes you feel like planning a big picnic that lasts all weekend. I know we all remember those weekends! Another winning video and song that brings back memories and leaves you wanting to make more.

How do you top eight fantastic music videos that have already thrilled Home Fries around the world? You ask them be on one video. The Wagon Wheel video by Home Free is beautiful scenery + a great song + suave, smooth vocals + Home Free + Home Fries = pure perfection. Throw in a surprise song, video and fall tour dates and now the Home Fries are squealing with joy, literally! And just a little tidbit here, did you know there is a cameo appearance by a sassy little chicken in each of these ten videos (except "Mom")? It’s always a game to see who finds it and who needs a hint. He has become affectionately known, as Stealth Chicken. Home Free’s merchandise man, Nate, named him Albert. Can you find the chicken?
 Stealth Chicken from Full of Cheer video

Check out Wagon Wheel video:
See their newest video and song Summer in the Country:

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