Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why does Home Free's music touch so many people?

Over the past year I have joined several Home Free fan groups and the one common denominator in most of these groups is how Home Free’s music got them through tough times, myself included. I’m certain that most musicians inspire hope, love and some tears in songs they perform, whether they wrote them or not. And I know that musicians, sports figures and actors have their dedicated followers. So, why do I think Home Free is a little different? Why do Home Free fans, or Home Fries, work so hard to let the world know about these five guys? Let me share what I’ve heard and seen this last year, and maybe you’ll understand too.

The first thing that grabs you and doesn’t let you go, is how Home Free delivers a song. It doesn’t matter if they are singing about love, losing love, a wife that spends too much, moms, being faithful, Christmas carols or their butts, they have your attention. Each man has his own unique quality and whether they are showing off one man’s talent or all five are showing off, you can’t help but listen to the end, so you don’t miss anything.

Chris and Adam Rupp, Rob Lundquist, Tim Foust and Austin Brown could each wow you individually, and they do so without musical instruments. Chris knows how to sing to the ladies and make them sigh with his smooth, charming voice and the cowboy hat is just a bonus. Adam will blow your mind with his jaw dropping vocal percussion and beatboxing, plus his dance moves will leave you wanting more, a lot more. Rob can sing the hell out of any song you give him, whether it’s an angelic carol or a rap song, he does it all and he does it well. Tim’s playful, but alluring deep bass voice will rock your world, but don’t count him out of a sweet ballad, his tenor voice will make the ladies swoon every time. Austin, well he knows how to give a song life, his youthful vigor gives his singing multiple dimensions that will leave you awe-struck. I know, I've seen them in concert and their live performance is astonishing!

That’s their talents, which are obvious in all they do. Now let’s talk about the effect their music has on their fans. I have heard stories of how their music has helped young people better deal with disorders, ill or injured people fight harder through recovery, those who have lost smile in tough times, and give those with a lack of confidence a little more oomph to keep trying. Maybe it’s because Home Free has been at this for almost fifteen years and has never stopped working hard, or because these guys are incredibly personable and inviting in their VIP sessions or because they love to show their fans that they are having a great time and how much they appreciate our support. Not to mention how they support so many other artists, family and friends in social media on a regular basis. It could also be that they are just plain fantastic musicians, fun and adorable and fans just want to get to their next concert!

So, from all of this, you can pick a reason as to why these guys are so inspirational to their fans. They encourage never giving up, stay true to yourself, treat people the way you want to be treated, stay humble and appreciate the little things in life. Add all that to some amazing fans, who have the same beliefs and appreciate damn good music and you get an unbreakable bond between Home Free and Home Fries around the world. Home Fries feel that the least they could do for Home Free, after all they do for us, is spread the word about their exceptional music.

Check them out on YouTube. If you’re not already a Home Fry, you might just want to become one! https://www.youtube.com/user/HomeFreeVocalBand