Friday, June 12, 2015

I got a fave!!! YEA!!!!!

I haven’t been Twittering very long, I’m sure that is obvious, but I’m working on it. I do wonder, though, why we get so giddy when someone famous fave’s our tweets. I decided to dive into Twitter last summer when I became a big Home Free fan. Twitter is more interactive on fan pages than Facebook, so I thought I’d give it a try. I instantly made great new friends and got some very odd followers too. I found all the well-known folks I wanted to follow, along with sports teams and music related pages and then sat back and monitored the fast paced, madness known as Twitter.

As some of you may know, my son is a drummer in marching band and all around musician. I had followed his college band and some drum companies. I started retweeting when I found something funny or interesting and then it happened. Lonestar Percussion fave’d one of my tweets and followed me. I was so excited I texted my son right away. And yes, he thought I was a complete goof! Come to think of it, so do I, well now I do. Being noticed by the organization or person you are referring to, makes you feel accomplished and happy. Just last night I posted about a concert in the park my son was in, with no tagging and I got retweeted by four organizations in Boston, about the concert. I still think that’s cool!

Of course, my BIG fave came from Tim Foust of Home Free. Yes, I’ve mentioned it before, but since this is all about the fave’s, you’ll hear it again. Home Free was on tour and Tim had posted information about a concert in Nederland, Texas. A fan responded with something like, “Why couldn’t I live in Texas?” With no expectations, just a simple reaction, I tweeted, “I do, I do!” Well Tim fave’d my response, which triggered a ridiculously loud and giddy school girl screech from me. I laughed for an hour and then sat there and wondered what the hell was wrong with me. However, with credit to Tim for his timely fave, it convinced me to buy tickets to that very concert. I’ve had a few fave’s from Home Free and its members since then and it still makes me smile and happy, but I don’t screech anymore.

I’ve never been an over excitable fan. I lived in Burbank, California for several years and met many actors, musicians and sports figures. Between working in a hotel and my mom being a fan club president for two actors from General Hospital, meeting actors was second nature to me. But get someone famous to fave a tweet and the whole Twitter world sees that, right? OK, maybe not, but it feels that way. Even on Facebook, there are friends of mine that I truly respect and when they comment on one of my write ups or a photo I’ve taken, I am ecstatic. It’s not only acceptance, but a little recognition too.

So there it is, from my perspective, accomplishment in getting the object of your tweet and documented proof that they noticed you and/or your comment equals giddiness (how many times have you screen shot a fave or retweet, be honest).  I’m sure well known people get thrilled when their tweet is well received too. After all they are people and they are networking, just like we are. I don’t picture them getting giddy, but you never know. Whether it’s a simple question, complaint or topic you feel deeply about, we all like to know that our friends listen to us, even in social media. So here’s to a fave from someone special, for you, today. And go fave someone else’s tweet, maybe you’ll bring a smile to their face this fantastic Friday.

*Two things (Home Fries will get that one): 1. This post was a little hard to write as there are so many spelling error lines in my document, due to all the Twitter terms used here. 2. I have never used the word or a form of the word tweet so much, ever!

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  1. Michelle, this sums me up nicely, when I got my first HF fav I did a fan girl dance for days. Each time I get a fav from someone that I like or look up to it makes me so giddy and happy. Thank you for making me smile. #LoveandHugs