Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back to my poems

Good afternoon. I know it's been a while since I posted a poem or song lyrics out here, but things got crazy. I'm still sorting them out. I have a new blog to put all my posts about Home Free. There might still be one or two posts here, but Home Free In My Words is the new blog to find all my Home Free fun! Check it out from the link on right side.

Now back to my poems and song lyrics. This morning I had a short conversation with my 7 year old daughter about writing songs. She wants to write a song so bad and has already written lyrics. I guess I need to get her into piano lessons, asap! When I got to work this morning, it happened. Words started flowing. It makes it difficult to work and write at the same time. In between some mandatory training classes I put together these 3 poems. I hope you like them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Does your brow or crinkle have a Twitter account?

My last blog post talked about how excited we get when someone famous favorites or retweets our posts. I love the energy and excitement that builds around a fan base when it comes to their chosen famous personality. Today I have decided to stretch out to Twitter accounts that represent famous people’s physical attributes. Since I am a fan of the country a cappella group, Home Free, I’m going to explore their specific quality accounts. They have built up such a big fan following, you would think they were the real people.

There are five sweet, talented and generous guys in Home Free. And although I enjoy writing about them, today I’m going to talk about Crinkles, Austin’s Abs, Foust Brow, Rupps Guns, Adam’s Ting and Rob’s Beard. These are all Twitter accounts for physical attributes of the Home Free Guys. They are entertaining and yet hold true to being what they say they are; a crinkle, abs, brow, guns, ting and a beard.

Foust Brow is the first feature account I remember seeing and I couldn’t help but laugh when he insisted, he’s just a brow, Tim Foust’s brow that is. But the voice behind Foust Brow is very adamant that he is not Tim, just Tim’s fabulous brow. He has quite a following, too. I remember one Friday, which in Twitterland is Follow Friday, he had tons of requests, including mine, for him to follow them. We knew this wasn’t Tim, but why did so many ladies want to be followed by a brow? Foust brow is grateful to his followers, but he's also a little full of himself. However, if you're a Home Fry, you wouldn't have any other way. The brow is intriguing and quite the lady killer.

Crinkles has become another “famous” personal trait account. Crinkles represents the adorable crinkles on the heartthrob, Austin’s, nose when he sings. Haven’t seen them? Check out the Home Free O Holy Night video for a close up. Bossman or Austin has another trait account called Austin’s Abs. Both of these “boys” play their role as Austin’s crinkles and abs very well. They are funny, personal and love teasing their fans. Crinkles and Abs have gained a dedicated group of followers and interacts with them every day. Most of the time, it’s good clean fun, but these guys know what Fry buttons to push to get Twitter a flame. Honestly, I never knew how much trouble a crinkle could get into, until now! I might add that the Home Fries are a willing and vocal group of ladies that revel in helping the proverbial “train wreck!”

Rupps Guns is, of course, Chris Rupp’s marvelous guns that he loves to show and the ladies love to admire. This account was a bit of a late comer to the party, but has quickly become very popular. Not sure if it’s because the guns are nice to look at or because he is cool and keeps the Home Fries thinking and on their toes with questions and games, daily. These guns, like the others, enjoy talking with the fans, spreading the word of Home Free and well, occasionally misbehaving. Not the real Chris Rupp, but his guns have his fans following him any where he goes!

I am not hip enough to know what Adam’s Ting represents, nor am I brave enough to make a guess. Adam Rupp is the beatboxer of Home Free (and a damn good one), so we’ll just go with his ting being a beatboxing term, and leave it at that. There was a Twitter convo about this, but I'm sorry (#notsorry) to say, I missed it. Adam’s Ting is fairly new to the personal feature group, but is quickly joining the ranks of the other “guys.” Like Adam, his Twitter trait personality is a little quiet, but when he does tweet, you can bet it’s going to cause a raucous. You can’t throw out a name like Adam’s Ting and not get a big Home Fry reaction! Kind of like when Adam does his drum solo, the crowd goes wild.

Rob’s Beard is the quietest one of the group, the Twitter groups, not Home Free. Rob Lundquist, is very conversational and a joy to talk with during the concert experience. Listen to me, like I know them or something, ha! His beard, however, likes to be seen and admired, not so much heard. The Home Fries will bring Rob’s beard out of his shy cocoon. After all, we must have a complete set of Home Free characteristics represented. These personalities interact with each other as if they were really “on” the Home Free guys at concerts, parties or other gatherings. Well played!

Now don’t get me wrong here, yes, these boys are not afraid to stir up trouble and get the fans riled up and just have fun. And boy do they ever stir up trouble! But they also promote Home Free and make friends with fans. These account keepers are clever and well versed in all things Home Free. These Twitterlings, to the fans, are almost like having a little slice of the guys all to ourselves. We find them all irresistible and we are very glad, whoever they are, that they have chosen to bring the Home Fries into their Twitter world. I wonder what the real Home Free guys think of their physical attributes “exposing themselves” in Twitter (oops, I might have led this train down the wrong track with that comment)? If you don't follow these guys, you should, join the party: @CrinklesCrew, @FoustBrow, @RuppsGuns, @_theAustinsAbs, @Adams_Ting and @BeardFree

What would your physical attribute Twitter account be called?

Friday, June 12, 2015

I got a fave!!! YEA!!!!!

I haven’t been Twittering very long, I’m sure that is obvious, but I’m working on it. I do wonder, though, why we get so giddy when someone famous fave’s our tweets. I decided to dive into Twitter last summer when I became a big Home Free fan. Twitter is more interactive on fan pages than Facebook, so I thought I’d give it a try. I instantly made great new friends and got some very odd followers too. I found all the well-known folks I wanted to follow, along with sports teams and music related pages and then sat back and monitored the fast paced, madness known as Twitter.

As some of you may know, my son is a drummer in marching band and all around musician. I had followed his college band and some drum companies. I started retweeting when I found something funny or interesting and then it happened. Lonestar Percussion fave’d one of my tweets and followed me. I was so excited I texted my son right away. And yes, he thought I was a complete goof! Come to think of it, so do I, well now I do. Being noticed by the organization or person you are referring to, makes you feel accomplished and happy. Just last night I posted about a concert in the park my son was in, with no tagging and I got retweeted by four organizations in Boston, about the concert. I still think that’s cool!

Of course, my BIG fave came from Tim Foust of Home Free. Yes, I’ve mentioned it before, but since this is all about the fave’s, you’ll hear it again. Home Free was on tour and Tim had posted information about a concert in Nederland, Texas. A fan responded with something like, “Why couldn’t I live in Texas?” With no expectations, just a simple reaction, I tweeted, “I do, I do!” Well Tim fave’d my response, which triggered a ridiculously loud and giddy school girl screech from me. I laughed for an hour and then sat there and wondered what the hell was wrong with me. However, with credit to Tim for his timely fave, it convinced me to buy tickets to that very concert. I’ve had a few fave’s from Home Free and its members since then and it still makes me smile and happy, but I don’t screech anymore.

I’ve never been an over excitable fan. I lived in Burbank, California for several years and met many actors, musicians and sports figures. Between working in a hotel and my mom being a fan club president for two actors from General Hospital, meeting actors was second nature to me. But get someone famous to fave a tweet and the whole Twitter world sees that, right? OK, maybe not, but it feels that way. Even on Facebook, there are friends of mine that I truly respect and when they comment on one of my write ups or a photo I’ve taken, I am ecstatic. It’s not only acceptance, but a little recognition too.

So there it is, from my perspective, accomplishment in getting the object of your tweet and documented proof that they noticed you and/or your comment equals giddiness (how many times have you screen shot a fave or retweet, be honest).  I’m sure well known people get thrilled when their tweet is well received too. After all they are people and they are networking, just like we are. I don’t picture them getting giddy, but you never know. Whether it’s a simple question, complaint or topic you feel deeply about, we all like to know that our friends listen to us, even in social media. So here’s to a fave from someone special, for you, today. And go fave someone else’s tweet, maybe you’ll bring a smile to their face this fantastic Friday.

*Two things (Home Fries will get that one): 1. This post was a little hard to write as there are so many spelling error lines in my document, due to all the Twitter terms used here. 2. I have never used the word or a form of the word tweet so much, ever!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer fun and unknown love lyrics

I thought I'd share a couple of recent song lyrics I've written. The first one is about some summer fun. It's seems like there are a lot of new songs about summer coming out, so I thought I'd share this one I wrote back in March, called "Come Get Ya Some."

This next one is a new one I just wrote yesterday about unrealized love. These lyrics are inspired by a dream I had. One of those odd dreams that stayed with me and became this story or song lyrics. It's called "My Mind, My Heart."

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Did Home Free just release 2 new videos?

Hi faithful followers and newcomers! A new video by Home Free or is that two? These guys never cease to amaze me. They have released ten videos in 2015 and each video has been better, in its own way, than the one before. Their videos, to date, have featured an adorable teddy bear, concert footage, amazing vocals and arrangements, foot stomping and seat wiggling beats, tears of joy and even Home Free Lego dudes! Wow, how the hell do you beat all that?

Well, this is how. Home Free and FifGen have put together a video that includes serene country side scenery and a perfectly sung medley of Wagon Wheel and Song of the South. It starts off on an empty railroad track cast in a beautiful country setting. Moving back and forth from flat country lightly covered in snow to a dry summer backdrop. And, of course, that south bound train hustling past behind Home Free as they sing. And boy, do these five talented and cute guys know how to sing a country story, a cappella style. But, here is the best part. As they incorporate Song of the South into the medley, they add a quaint home town bar with live music, which of course, is Home Free. This charming bar is filled with patrons, who are actually Home Fries! That’s right, the dedicated and certainly excited Home Free fans were given the opportunity to partake in the filming of this video! Awesome job Fries!

Then, after a short teasing countdown, they made a big announcement and released a second new video. And this video is not only filled with a great day of summer fun with family and friends, but it’s a new song! “Summer in the Country,” has a fun small town beat and makes you feel like planning a big picnic that lasts all weekend. I know we all remember those weekends! Another winning video and song that brings back memories and leaves you wanting to make more.

How do you top eight fantastic music videos that have already thrilled Home Fries around the world? You ask them be on one video. The Wagon Wheel video by Home Free is beautiful scenery + a great song + suave, smooth vocals + Home Free + Home Fries = pure perfection. Throw in a surprise song, video and fall tour dates and now the Home Fries are squealing with joy, literally! And just a little tidbit here, did you know there is a cameo appearance by a sassy little chicken in each of these ten videos (except "Mom")? It’s always a game to see who finds it and who needs a hint. He has become affectionately known, as Stealth Chicken. Home Free’s merchandise man, Nate, named him Albert. Can you find the chicken?
 Stealth Chicken from Full of Cheer video

Check out Wagon Wheel video:
See their newest video and song Summer in the Country: