Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Home Free ROCKS the Dallas audience

Good Wednesday afternoon everybody! I had a great end to the week and weekend. It was filled with Home Fries and Home Free! I bought VIP tickets to the Dallas show back in December, but, by some great stroke of luck, a Home Fry offered me an extra VIP ticket she had to the Oklahoma City show four days before Dallas. Well, I just couldn't say no (that would be rude, right?)! I met a great group of Home Fries and shared my first VIP experience with friends. I was so nervous, but I was put at ease by Austin and Rob, almost immediately. They were all very sweet. I commend them all for their patience and never ending smiles. If only there was a way to bottle their compassionate country gentlemen attitudes!

Since I had the great fortune to see two shows in four days, but I don't want this to be too long, I am going to concentrate on the Dallas Show. Mainly because the Dallas show was simply out of this world.

First, about twenty or so Home Fries met at Campisi's in downtown Dallas for an early dinner. We all had the pleasure of meeting a truly dedicated fan that flew all the way from Germany JUST to see the Home Free concert. She was sweet, excited, overwhelmed and just a pleasure to meet. I found myself very excited that she was going to meet Home Free.

In the VIP session we started with autographs and to my complete amazement, Rob remembered me from the OKC show. How cool is that!? I took my seven year old daughter and my twenty year old musician son with me. My daughter gave the guys Girl Scout cookies and I had to laugh a little at Adam. He was very hopeful that we had included the peanut butter cookies. Again, so personable and fun, all of them. We took our VIP pictures with the guys and then had a Q & A. It was refreshing and enjoyable hearing them talk comfortably about their lives and plans.

Now on to the show itself. I'm not sure I can find the best words to describe this show, but I will try. The moment they walked on the stage, the crowd went crazy! "Life Is A Highway," is such a great song and their version is filled with energy, personality and of course, bass! Afterwards Tim was talking about how great it was to be home, back in the south and proceeded to sing "The stars at night are big and bright." From what I heard, every person in that theater sang loud and proud "Deep in the Heart of Texas!" It was an awesome moment! That set the energy level for the rest of the show, both from Home Free and the audience.

Home Free then put on the show of a lifetime, my lifetime anyway. They were on fire all night! From the heartfelt song "Mom" to the seat wiggling "Butt Remix, to the ground rumbling "Ring of Fire" and right down to Adam's exceptionally superior beatboxing solo. I felt every angelic and rocking note Rob projected, absorbed every beautiful and powerful note Austin wailed, loved and held on to each note Chris sang like he was singing just to me, and closed my eyes and felt every rumble Tim produced and savored his sweet tenor voice too. I sang every song with them, danced in my seat, laughed, cried and cheered my fool head off! I don't know how they do it, night after night, but these five gentlemen will capture your heart and soul when you see them live. If you've never seen them live, you really need too, period.

I know they have fans around the world and I hope someday every fan gets a chance to see their show live. These five gentlemen will take all the worries out of your life and give you music the way it was originally given to us, just our voices. Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin are music. From the soft and loving to the completely care free and can't keep your feet still songs, they can do it all. Thank you Home Fries and Home Free for a week and weekend I will never forget, it was simply awesome!

Addendum: I also wanted to give a special thanks to the Home Free crew. They made the VIP experience fun and kept things moving. I always knew where I should be and what was next. I have some great VIP pictures, plenty of autographs and great merchandise. Let's not forget the remarkable light show and the impressive sound, from the bottom to the top. So Thank You Nate, Heather, Johnny and Allen for making the show even better!


  1. U was lucky enough to share the VIP experience. I was sitting next to your son. His enjoyment of the show greatly enhanced my own. It was an amazing evening from the first note to the last!

    1. Oh hey there! I knew he would love it and I'm glad you two enjoyed it together. He was a sport letting me drag him around all day with Home Fries, but in the end the concert was his reward. And what a concert to get to see. It was the best of the best!

  2. You have so very well summed up the way I felt about my first VIP experience in Portland, Maine. They are AWESOME!!!!! Thank You for expressing things so well

  3. Well done, Michelle. Glad I got to meet you in OkC and catch up again in Dallas. Love the genuineness of these incredibly talented young men. Let's do this again! Jerri 🐝