Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Home Free video, "Honey, I'm Good, and yes, they are!

Good morning all! If you’ve been out to my blog before, you know I’m more of a poem and song lyric writer, so today I'm writing something out of my comfort zone, but about something I love! You guessed it, Home Free. They have a new video, a cover of “Honey, I’m Good,” by Andy Grammar. Every time Home Free comes out with a new song or video, whether it’s a cover or an original, they continue to amaze me in one way or another. This video is fun, upbeat and a lot of laughs, with a good message to go along with all that fun. It’s a great song to start with, then you add the extraordinary talent of Home Free and their jaunty personalities, to the impressive arrangement and video concept, from FifGen Films, and you end up with a playful toe tapping video. Rob's voice is an exact match for this song and it's great hearing him take the lead. The kidding and comradery in this video is how I imagine these guys are every day. And let me just say that they all get an A+ in the art of making faces! Adam and Tim are the kings of making faces, but Rob, Chris and Austin are quickly catching up. I should also mention that Tim Foust has said that he recorded the lowest note he’s hit so far, in this song. Yeah, it rocks (the floor)! 

The first video I saw by Home Free was their cover of “Ring of Fire,” featuring Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix. Every video since then has had something memorable about it. I won’t go over them all, but here are a few of my favorites. “All About the Bass,” featuring Tim’s vocal range and silliness of all of them. “This is How We Roll,” features the guys doing a great likeness of a scene from “The Big Lebowski.” Adam gets the gold star in that video for his amazing imitation of Steve Buscemi! Let’s jump to the Christmas song video of “Angels We Have Heard on High.” This one has so many qualities to point out, such as the clean, sweet vocals of all of the members of Home Free, yes, even Adam (no beatboxing there). Then you add the beautiful church and simple but stunning video itself, and again perfection.

From the start of 2015, each video and the song that goes with it, have had the Home Fries going crazy. A good crazy, but crazy, nonetheless. “Everything Will Be Okay,” and the adorable teddy bear; “I’ve Seen,” with the Home Fry cameos; “Thinking Out Loud/Let’s Get It On,” well, can you say swooning Home Fries; “What We Ain’t Got,” just stunned all who saw it; “The Butt Remix,” had everyone dancing in their seat and tapping their feet. Now it’s “Honey I’m Good,” and it has also created quite a stir, already. The good spirited song, low bass notes, energetic vocals, funny faces, oh and a cameo by Rob’s wife at the end, make this another video homerun for Home Free.

I always wonder how they are going to top the most recent video/song, but I now have complete confidence that they will. They have won the hearts of all their dedicated followers, the Home Fries. But everyday Chris, Adam, Rob, Tim and Austin continue to grow their fan base with their talent, good looks, dynamic personalities and willingness to go the extra mile, to make what they do, fantastic. Enjoy the new video!

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