Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Today, February 3rd, is Tim Foust Day in Nederland Texas, where he is from. So I've decided to share a tribute I wrote to him a few months ago. If you don't know who Tim Foust is, you can find out in My Story.

The first time I heard your song, your voice reached my soul
I can’t explain the rush I felt when I heard the words you wrote.
Could you read my mind, see into my heart?  You had control
We might not ever meet, but I’m touched you’re so devoted

Music gave me life, kept me at my best
When I sang,  my emotions were expressed.
The beat is my heart, the words are my depth
Each note has my blood flowing in its webs

For years, I let my words show who I was inside
To me, I was the only one on this roller coaster ride
My music was heard, but life didn’t comply
Then I heard your songs, it took me back, I even cried

Words are filling my head again, I hear them everyday
My singing dream is gone, but my words can find a way
Your songs brought me back to the girl I was, yesterday
So Thank you for the inspiration, is all I wanted to say.
Happy Tim Foust Day!

Michelle Gallardo

October 2014

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