Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some days I think there's something wrong with me. The silliest or oddest thing will trigger a thought in my head and off I go writing a silly poem or useless ditty. I guess it's a good way to keep my brain active and creative. A few of us ladies were talking about men, when they get sick and there I went and here you go. No offense guys, I was just having a little fun.

My old man has a cold, now he’s yelling for a pillow
Is it really that hard to get up and get some jello
Does he really need me to get him the remote?
His whining is so loud the dogs hid under a coat
Oh lord give this man the strength of a woman
So I won’t have to go back there and kill ‘em
At least make him feel better so he can walk again
Maybe it would be better if he stayed with a friend!
Not saying I don’t love him, but he can be such a wimp
If he gets a hang nail he becomes a total gimp
Guys act so tough when they're around each other
But we all know, when sick, they want their mother
You’re feeling better, yea, isn't that great
I’m going on vacation alone, I really need a break!

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