Friday, July 15, 2016

The world needs to take a collective deep breath and get a grip!

The world needs to take a collective deep breath and get a grip! The only thing all this violence is bringing is more violence. Everyone needs to think about what type of world we want our kids and grandkids to grow up in. Do we want to live in constant fear and scrutiny or do we want to be able to walk down the street holding hands, with a smile on our face and love and kindness in our hearts. Why is it so hard to understand that we will never all look the same, physically, but we are all made up of the same things, physically? God created us, not to destroy each other, but to live on this earth together. I’d rather die of disease than at the hands of someone’s impulse to get attention because someone hurt their feelings. I know some won’t agree with that after watching a loved one die of a disease (yes, I’ve watched many family members and friends die of cancer, aids and other diseases). My wish is that for 1 hour every day, every person in the world could be equal. Nobody is poor, beautiful, talented, rich, fat, sick, deaf, handicapped, tall, a bully, shy, illiterate, blind, mentally ill or of any race. So that every day we could see that we really are all the same and different, but by being different it makes our world colorful, exciting, hopeful, busy, sometimes boring, sometimes tearfully funny and other times sad, quiet and full of love, hugs and tears. Our differences makes for wonderful music, art, poetry, stories, movies, and yes even video games and videos. Yes, I know that is pure fantasy, but I can wish. If we could learn to stop being so cruel, maybe the radicals wouldn’t have any reason to hate. It’s okay to have an opinion, but it’s not okay to be mean and nasty. I’ve always believed that there is one way to live and that’s by the golden rule, so simple, treat people that way you want to be treated. This was a quick odd blog, as words were filling my head and needed a place to escape. I hope I have not offended anyone and thanks for taking a few minutes to read my ramblings. Prayers for all those that have had to deal with tragedies lately, big or small. Prayers for the human race that we find a way through the murky waters we are currently wading through. And finally, prayers for the children that will have to be grown-ups in the world we are sculpting today to leave them in the future.

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