Monday, March 9, 2015

Featured Poems

I wanted to feature a poem this time and I wrote two new poems over the weekend, so I became undecided on which one to feature. They are short, so I decided to feature them all. They can all be found on the Poems page too.

Makes Me Me was inspired by my own little quirks.
My Kids was inspired by my son and daughter and the struggles when they were born.
A Friend is a about a lady I've never met, but has helped more than she could know.

Makes Me, Me
I wanna watch football and then a love story. I wanna two step and then rock to Journey.
I wanna eat out four nights in a row, because I don’t feel like turning on the stove.
I wanna try new recipes when I’m in the mood, then go get a burger because it wasn’t any good.
I wanna drink a little, but not too much, I wanna laugh a little and then too much.
I wanna kick a little ass while playing pool, I wanna see a scary movie and scream like a fool.
I wanna cry when I lose someone I love, and pray they are happy with God above.
I wanna dance with my children and see them smile or just sit and talk with them for awhile.
I wanna stay busy, I don’t like to keep still. I wanna live each day so I get my fill.
I wanna move forward and not live in the past, I wanna see my kids grow up, but not too fast
All these things make me, me. I need someone who can let them be.
The serious, the funny and even the angry, share and come with, don’t leave me alone.
Don’t expect me to do this all on my own, I’ll run so I can live and don’t have to stay home.
Written by Michelle Gallardo, January 22, 2015

My Kids
My kids were both so tiny the day that they were born
They arrived a little early and my heart was very torn
My son struggled for hours to breathe all on his own
My daughter was a little stronger, but I still went home alone
It’s never easy to see your baby hooked up to machines
They were the sweetest, most amazing things I’d ever seen
An incubator with tubes was my son’s very first bed
He’s going to be OK was what the nurses always said
Thirteen years later my daughter’s journey was better
Her heart and lungs were stronger, but she was not a good eater
Today my son is twenty, six foot three and plays the drums
My daughter now is seven, likes art and to write poems
My kids are so amazing, I can’t imagine life without them
I love them every day, even when they’re causing mayhem
I know life is a winding road, but hopefully they’ll be ready
My true desire for them is that they’re both always happy

Written by Michelle Gallardo, March 7, 2015

A Friend
Although we’ve never met your encouragement kept me going
Your stories are so perfect, I thought I was there watching
Your tales help me disappear into a world of mysterious wonder
The words that we both write brought us close together
I wanted to share my words but I was still a little nervous
You gave me a positive push and I began to feel courageous
What if no one likes the song lyrics floating in my head?
From across the globe we support each other now I’m confident instead
So thank you to my dear sweet friend from across the Atlantic Ocean
We both love to write and get inspired by simple actions
I look forward to the day we meet even if it takes years
I’m glad our paths have crossed, you helped me conquer some of my fears

Written by Michelle Gallardo, March 8, 2015

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